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This development effort is dedicated to the fun aspect of online games. tOEtENSEN-PROJECt will be an online multiplayer first-person-shooter where you can apply boolean operations to the map. you can carve new tunnels, caves and stuff in 3D-space unconstrained (and also jam them with new material). Weapon splash damage will also eat up the level material.
To improve the tactical challenge of the game, you have to hide "seeds" in the tunnel systems and harvest it later to get energy for weapons, armor and stuff: You could put your "seed" close to the main action so you will be able to reap it without going a long way round but it is more likely that your opponent will find your seeds before you! You could of cause hide it carefully far away but this will cost more time when you go back there.

Unfortunately i am living in abmahnistan stasistan so i can only work on this project now and then. If you have more luck and want to recycle or fork this work you will probably like the BSD license.

2008, September 1: Here you find my latest ideas how to handle player-player collision smoothly over the net.

2011, July 15: Play baktinet 2!
Viel Spass beim süchteln! :)