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I had the idea of putting some random stuff from me here that might be useful to other people. So here we go:

tousb001 (2012-08-12)

Oh USB made our life so easy! Just plug it in and enjoy your new label printer! :p

1. open console
2. type copy poop.txt LPT1
3. press enter
4. get label.

1. Search the internet a few hours
2. Find the net use LPT4 \\LOCALHOST\PRINTERNAME /PERSISTENT:YES thingy a million times.
3. After some hours find that this is - thanks to the completely unproblematic startup of windows shares - somewhat useless for real production use.
4. Lose some more hours on people who claim that USB001 can be accessed through CreateFile("\\.\USB001", <various flags>);
5. Finally - give up and code some shitty command line that uses the OpenPrinter function.

Fortunately i did the above steps for you - you can download the BSD licensed command line here:

[Just the .exe] [Sourcecode + .exe]